About Meditations

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I have long been fascinated with words.  In the seventies I wanted to write a book called Meditations. It would be short histories, ideas, philosophies, short stories, poetry, pieces I wanted to keep and share. anything remembered or created by people I care about.

With the advent of the Internet, a whole new world has opened up: we can now put videos and music together with ideas. Maybe we can’t sit around the fire on a rainy night and tell stories about each other and the memorable moments of the the past; but we can put them together here

As many of you know, I am not a giant in the field of technology. I can’t handle this venture alone. But now it occurs to me that the very best Meditations would be a group effort of friends and family compiling ideas, favorites, things we love, and things we wonder about. It is a wonderful feeling to share in words the ideas we want to communicate with someone who will possibly say, “Yes, I get that!”  Don’t worry about putting wild ideas here. There will be a crazy corner that will be named Crock Full of Nuts.

I am hoping that you will consider the young and innocent when submitting to this site. I hope that we will learn important things about each other. I see this as a possible way to connect with people we care about and get to know more about their corner of the back forty. Time and distance have changed our world, but now we can tell stories by the fire in a new dimension. We can get to know and understand each other in new ways–no matter where we are on the planet.


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